₿itcoin and itcoin Shorts. These lists belong to the plebs. You’ll find everything I wrote about the hardest money in the universe. (elaborate stories and little nuggets of information)


And will save the people of El Salvador hundreds of millions of dollars

Image from Karla Campos on Pixabay

When the economy isn’t doing great, and well-paying jobs and education are scarce, there is often only a single option left to avoid a life of crime: You have to leave and look for work elsewhere.

What are remittances?

Migrant workers are common around the world. For example, I spent part of my…

Short-term pain for long-term gain?

A red X sign glowing in the dark
Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

China is cracking down on Bitcoin. And this time, the ban is for real.

From a political perspective, it made sense. The CCP is known for its strict reign over society. A decentralized currency like Bitcoin posed an obvious threat to their power. …

The crucial arguments critics conveniently ignore.

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“Bitcoin consumes more energy than the entire country of Chile.”

Sentences like the one above are commonly cited by Bitcoin critics and environmentalists on the internet and mainstream media. It’s an old argument discussed countless times over the last decade, yet it never seems to go away.

Just recently, Elon…

And how to protect yourself

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True decentralization means you carry full responsibility for your money. It’s the most beautiful and terrifying property of Bitcoin and essential to all the potential that it unlocks.

If you f up, it’s over. Your money is gone, and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back. …

Foto von energepic.com von Pexels

Raw data is boring and hard to conceptualize. If you’re not wired to bounce numbers around in your head, you probably struggle to recognize patterns in a spreadsheet. At least I am way more drawn to charts and pictures. They do the work for you and abstract raw data to…

The importance of time

Foto von Karolina Grabowska von Pexels

Bitcoin’s store of value narrative took hold during the macroeconomic changes of 2020. The global pandemic and its consequences forced nations around the globe into lockdowns. Economic activity slowed down substantially, and millions of people lost their jobs. Governments had to step in and provide stimulus to keep cooperations and…

Yannik Pieper

23 / Berlin, Germany. I’m writing about ₿itcoin and the decentralized economy.

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